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90 V8:Better, but AC question

Hi all,

Got the V8 back from a timing belt change ( and a voltage regulator/brushes).
Alos had the brakes bled.  Total bill $950. (yuck).
the mechanic replaced some stuff he says should be done - idler, tensioner, ect.
bunch o'crap!!

Still have two minor problems:  The mechanic also replaced the belt that goes to
the Hydraulic pump - but now no power steering and you can hear the belt squeal
- he says it takes time for the belt to "Seat" and should be ok in a day or so -
has anyone ever heard of a self seating belt?

Also the flashing light on the AC head flashes for a few seconds at startup - I
originaly assumed low voltage because of the alternator problems.  But its still
doing it - does the fault memory need to be reset?  I tried getting the faults
from the using I think I got a 07 and a 09.  In the Benlelys for my 87 5000, the
code 07 is Motor in programmer not ok and there is not code 09. And it doesn't
say anythiong about reseting.  Does anyone know of the codes on the V8 - if
there different?

BTW - maybe its time to part wiht this beast - average maintenance has run $300
per month.  I'll be posting a FS on it soon, it think.