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5000 window switch?

Hi Gang,
It's been a little warm in the North-East these past couple of days and I'm
been opening up the windows quite a bit. I just drove to school to check
mail and such and my driver's window has decided to stay down cause it's
too hot!!

My question is how to get the driver's switch out of the cluster package.
Because I am no mere mortal having been on the list. I popped open the
window switch cluster and swapped the connector for the passenger side
switch so I can close the window. I heard the auto down relay clicking on
the driver's switch so it'll still open the window.
Now I'll just have to figger out how to get the switch outta the cluster. I
don't want to pry too hard and break any German plastic.$$$$

I've got my RS TV Tuner all warmed up and ready to go.

Ernest Wong