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Re: More bad luck....now it's the Delta radio...

>Hairy green toads from Mars made Andrew Duanne say:
>That's exactly what happened to my radio. The volume knob got flaky,
>then the switch stopped working completely.

My wife's 89 100 Avant, has a similar problem.  All the push buttons
are very touchy.  As in if you blow on it it will change the station....
well almost :-)  Yup, touch the volume control and it may increase volume
or shut the radio off.......  Debating on swapping my radio from the 100 
sedan into her car and putting a CD deck in mine :-)

>The fix was fairly simple:
>	1) Drove to Lechmere, found a nice demo model Kenwood
>	   disc player for $250.
>	2) had shop install it.
>	3) Listened to much better music than from Delta radio.
>Seriously, I decided to pitch my delta (actually, sent it to
>Bob D'Amato for experimentation). The radio is not that good,
>and it wasn't worth fixing. Most aftermarket stereos will blow
>it away sound-wise.  The Audi has DIN mounts, so most new radios
>slide right in.

I have to dissagree here,  I think it sounds great for a STOCK radio
Then again it may be just the interior acoustics.  I believe I read
somewhere when audi was redesigning the interior for 89-91 models they
worked with Bose on the acoustics as well.  I could use more power though.
While cruising on the highway at autobahn speeds with the sunroof open
it can barely keep up with the extra windnoise.

>P.S. I never miss the center display. It was annoying anyway.
>After a week, I didn't even notice it's absence. I think it was
>sort of a "gadget" anyway.

Hhhhmmmm, I like not having to look down to see what channel it's on.
Too each his own I guess......

>Andrew L. Duane (JOT-7)			duane@zk3.dec.com
>Digital Equipment Corporation		(603)-881-1294
>110 Spit Brook Road			http://www.zk3.dec.com/~duane
>M/S ZKO3-3/U14
>Nashua, NH    03062-2698
>Only my cat shares my opinions, and she likes CD's, too.

Andrew, I must admit I always check to see what the cat has to say :-)
What's her name anyway ?