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Re: 90q A/C - cold enough ?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Nick Deutsch say:
> On Sat, 15 Jul 1995, Solomon Ngan wrote:
> > My 90q A/C works but hardly cold enough.
> > Is this normal for audi 90 ?  Or does it need an A/C recharge ?
> > Perhaps it is related to the loud "clong"  sound associated with 
> > compressor or expansion valve cycling.
> My car is identical with yours (90 90 20 V.) and I am also wondering 
> about the air-conditioner. My previous Jetta worked much better.

My 90Q20V is pretty good. Not quite as good as my 100Q, but I wouldn't
call it deficient. With 4 people in the car on a sunny 90+ degree day,
it worked, although it took a few minutes to stabilize.

Compared to some of the things the japanese pass off as
air conditioners, I'm happy.


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