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Re: Thermal time switch

Agree with the idea that the thermal time switch is prolly not bad it is
rated at 15c and is located on the cluster of sensors at the water block at
the top of the head....  It's the one in the rear, it has two wires going to
it, the new part number requires a spring clip bosch plug to make it work....
 My dealer has one, and the reason I didn't ever buy it is that he hasn't
sold one in 10yrs.......  definitely ck the wiring, and I would doubt that
that is the prollum, cold start can also be caused by a vaccuum leak, cuz you
need proper sealing of all the air routing to the head to get enough vaccuum
to raise the fuel distributor flap........   Easier ck, put a freeze wrap on
the water block where the sensor is after letting the car sit overnite....
 Pull the clip off the cold start injector and ck the voltage to it when you
try to start the car, it should be 12v for a couple of seconds then shut
off.........   Good luck