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Re: A/C Compressor vacuum cutoff switch

Certainly no reason why it can't be done.....  I fact many cars since 1985
(yep even U.S. cars) have this feature hooked to the WOT switch.  I was
surprised to find that audi did not do this......  A/C compressors are not
designed to run cycles in excess of 3500rpm for any extended period of
time....  I think this is not only a good idea, but a mod that should be
considered for all us hot shoes.......    I'm not sure a vaccuum switch would
be the answer for a non-turbo car......  A electrical cutoff with the WOT
would be easier....  The vacuum switch on a turbo might have more use, since
you can sense turbo boost instead of just wot, but i'm not sure it's even
necessary there....  I would think the cutoff culd be tied into the "temp
sensor" circuit to cut the power to the comprssor...