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Strategy for 1 bad tire

I have a bit of a dilemma.  Due to ignored bad front strut and alignment,
I've got 1 unusable tire.  The other 3 have good tread (less than 20K
miles) and no signs of uneven wear.  Seems like my options are:
    1. Buy 4 new tires (then I can upgrade to different tires, but $$$)
    2. Buy 1 new same type replacement tire (but won't uneven side to side 
                                             tread wear cause probs?)
    3. Buy 2 new replacement tires (these should be same type for front/back
                                    tread compatibility on a quattro?)
    4. Find a used same type tire with comparable wear (how can I find
                                                        such a thing?)
    5. Put on a same size similar tread used tire (cheapest solution, but
                                             doesn't seem like a good idea)

Anyone care to venture an opinion on which of the above (or other) I
should pursue?

Lynn Smith - '84 4000q