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Purchasing a 200..

	I am seriously considering purchasing a 200 Quattro - I would trade 
in my 100Q and (probably) pay a difference... This leads me to a number of 
questions : 
	1. What can I get for my 1990 100Q? It has ~68k mi on it, lago blue 
paint, cold weather package, CD player/changer/aftermarket stereo, I just had 
a 60k mi service ( at 65k mi.. :) and had the hydraulic pump replaced, all 
the belts done..etc. 
	2. I am looking at an 89 200Q with 47k mi. It has all the options, it 
looks like it is in fair condidition. The only problem is the paint-it has 
red paint that is slightly faded. It has the Audi/Bose stereo, the cold 
weather package, and the usual 200-power everything. They are asking $11.9k, 
it seems a little low compared to the other cars, but that may be due to the 
paint..? How does this price compare? I was going to offer 9.5k, and go up to 
11k if I had to.
	   The other car I am looking at is a 90 200q, with 57k mi. Is has 
all the options, and is in better condition. The paint is a black/metallic 
graphite color that is much much better than the red. It has the Audi Bose 
stereo with a 10-disc changer in the trunk. They are askin $15.9k for it, and 
that seems a little high compared to the 89. I offered $13k for it, but he 
said he wouldn't go below $14.5k...( he tried to tell me the retail was $18k, 
and I was getting a good deal..I had the June blue-book, and it said the 
retail was ~16k...)
        3. If I did go ahead and get the 89, is there anything I can do to 
make the paint look bettter? Could I use some abrasive car polish and fix it 
up, or would I be stuck with crummy paint?

Thanks in advance for any commments, suggestions, hints tips tricks whatever!!

brooks                                                      bellis@ensr.com