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'85 5KT: Chew on this problem, folks!

	Got back from a six-week vacation in India last week, and was pleasantly
	surprised that the old 5KT started up second crank ...

	Fast forwarding to this afternoon.  I'm heading back from work, *slow*
	traffic, somewhat warm weather, A/C on intermittently, ditto the radio.
	Half-way into the 21 mile ride, battery warning light starts to glow,
	and then the auto-check display also brings up a nice little battery
	picture. Fuel and temperature gauges start dropping, engine seems to
	be OK, but I know (bright boy that I am) that all is not well. 
	"Alternator, voltage regulator or drive-belt," I think to myself 
	and hope I can make it home.  What was I thinking?! About 4 miles from 
	home, engine quits and I manage to coast into the shoulder.

	All electricals are *completely* dead: no lights, not even the temperature
	display on the climate control. Cursory glance at the belt reveals
	nothing, and I go and call for the AAA tow-truck.

	And now the mystery starts. Settling down in the car to wait for the
	truck, I try the ignition just for the heck of it. Car starts right up,
	as if nothing had happened! No weak battery, no nothing !

	Any clue, folks? I've never had lead-acid batteries resurrect themselves,
	so this must be advanced German engineering in action.

	Baffled so far but thinking hard,


	'85 5KT, 108K miles

Arun Rao
1001 W. Cutting Blvd.
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804