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RE: V8 To buy, or not....

In reply to Dave Toppin,

If you can find a V8 1990 for 11K go for it.  Plan on doing some mainenance.
Ivv'e got one w/73K miles.  Had to replace the radiator, the light high/low beam
switch, defogger switch, alt brushes, door lock (drivers), some climate control
work, trunk lock (not done yet), heated seat relay, and other stuff.  I think
these things hit at 60K.  Anything you find at $11k prolly havent had these
things done, I know alot that I looked at in the NE (Maine to Mass.) had come
off a lease (when Audi wasn't paying for mainenance).  Don't get an alternator,
timing belt, etc. from the dealer.  I jsut had  timing belt replaced, with
ancillary stuff, a new voltage reg/brushes,  new vbelts, bleed brakes alll for
the meager sum of $977.00 (not even dealer).

Don't know about perf upgrades - I've seen a conversion on the front end that I
will do when my brakes give up the ghost.

overall I love this car, it just hurts the wallet BAD.  If you can get a
standard, really go for it - in fact I'll swap with ya.


>Recently a bunch of V8's have been turning up around MA for sale well >under
>$15K.  I'm getting seriously tempted.  I'm aware of a black/grey sport >seat
>90K mi for around $11K.  I know a couple of you out there have them.  I
>knopw to beware of the front brakes, but are there any other problems?  >What
>are maint costs I'll incur?  Are there any performance upgrades >available?
>Anything you know will be appreciated!