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Re: #12 fuse problem continues! :(

On Thu, 20 Jul 1995, Steven Buchholz wrote:

> Did the fuse blow immediately when the key was turned on?  Was the transmis-

  About 1 sec after I turn it on. 

> be a short in the wiring to the back-up lights.  Otherwise I'd recommend 
> pulling S12 and use an ohmmeter to find the short.  You should find that one 

  I've never done this before. But, I think it is about time I learn how. 
I'm going to stop by the auto store today and pick one up. Suggestions on 
what kind? Are they all the same?

> Of course you could always hook up a chunk of wire in place of the fuse and 
> look for where the smoke is ........ ;)

  Ha.. That has crossed my mine....

> >From the wiring diagram it would appear that neither your cruise control nor 
> any of the instruments (tach, fuel gauge, idiot lights, etc.) will work when 
> S12 is blown.  You back-up lights and turn signals will not function either.
> The car looks like it would run, but you wouldn't know if you lost oil pres-
> sure, etc.  

  Is it connected to the alternator? Could a bad alternator be the cause 
of the problem, or is there no doubt it's a short in the wires somewhere?


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