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Re: '87 TQ Hydraulic Woes

> it sit with the ignition only on for a few minutes - is this a correct
> assumption?  So what's the deal with my car?  What does it mean when the level
> is that high after shutdown?  There are no leaks anywhere, and I've never added
> any fluid to it.  Do you need to flush the hydraulic system every two years
> like the brake/clutch?  Heaven knows when this was done last, car had 124,000
> on it when I bought it in October, now has over 145,000, and I've never done
> it.  Could this be the problem?  If so, how does one bleed the hydraulic system
> in these beasts?  If it needs a new accumulator, anyone wanna buy a TQ?  Thanks
> for any help you 'uns can think of!
> -Mike
> 87 5000CS TQ

PLEASE flush the fluid every two years, it might even help keep
your steering gear from going bad.

I had some of the symtpoms of a bad accumulator, and was
getting up courage to splugre on one when I replaced all the

The symptoms have gone away for over six months. The fluid was

Alan Cordeiro