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Weird Cutoff

Arun Rao asked:
>     Half-way into the 21 mile ride, battery warning light starts to glow,
>     and then the auto-check display also brings up a nice little battery
>     picture. Fuel and temperature gauges start dropping, engine seems to
>     be OK, but I know (bright boy that I am) that all is not well. 
 About 4 miles from  home, engine quits and I manage to coast 
into the shoulder. > 
>     All electricals are *completely* dead: no lights, not even the temperature
>     display on the climate control. Cursory glance at the belt reveals
>     nothing, and I go and call for the AAA tow-truck.
>     And now the mystery starts. Settling down in the car to wait for the
>     truck, I try the ignition just for the heck of it. Car starts right up,
>     as if nothing had happened! No weak battery, no nothing !

I hope this is not it.....and since I'm catching up after a week's 
trip, maybe this has been answered...but I kinda wonder if your main 
computer (shudder) is sick.  This sounds eerily like a problem we had 
in our 84 5KT which resulted in replacing the main computer with one 
from a wrecking yard (which worked nicely....)

Hope it's NOT!!!

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