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Re: 87 Coupe GT

> Well it did end up hitting the underside of the car.. I didn't think much 
> of it until a couple of days later when I heard a creaking sound when I 
> started from a stop. I got out and looked. One of those brackets that 
> hold the tension rods to the sub-frame was gone.

What "tension rod" are you talking about?

> I was told it could be fixed by placing a clamp in the torsion bar...
> but I will never get it aligned right....

What "torsion bar" are you talking about?

Clearly, we have a terminology problem here since your Coupe GT doesn't have
either one of these parts on it (at least as conventionally defined) and you
obviously broke *something* ... can you be more specific?  BTW, if it IS the
front subframe, there are several of them sitting around at a nearby salvage
yard, any one of which they'd gladly sell you for $75 or so and it shouldn't
take but an hour or two to install even using hand tools (i.e., get the cash
and either fix it yourself or pay an independent shop to install a used part
... that way, you'll have enough money left over to buy that new stereo!).

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