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Re: '87 TQ Hydraulic Woes

	I agree with your assessment that you are probably losing
hydraulic pressure slowly from the accumulator causing the brake
warning light to come on. Also I think you are seeing the problem only
in prolonged idling with AC on because then the hydraulic pump has a
harder time replenishing the lost boost (due to low RPMs). You can try to
narrow down the problem further by stepping on the brake repeatedly
a few times after the first start in the morning. If the accumulator
has lost pressure overnight, the brake light will come on.

You are not seeing the light come on in regular driving since the
hydraulic pump is easily able to repressurize the accumulator. You
can try flushing the fluid to see if the problem disappears as suggested
by others. But replacing the accumulator is quite straighforward also.
I think I had paid about $190 from PAP about a year ago.