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Re: future of 20V. five

I picked up a magazine in Germany a few weeks ago (Auto Zeitung). From the
information they give, it is clear the 5 cylinder engines will not be
manufactured for more than 1 year (gas) or 2 (diesel).

In Europe, the model changes should be as follows (WARNING I do not read
German really well, so I may have made some errors of interpretation...)

  A3   ???     new model with 20 valve 1.8 engines (125HP and 150HP)

  A4   mid 96  30 valve 2.8 V6 (193HP) to replace current 2.8 V6 engine
  A4   mid 97  30 valve 2.4 V6 (165HP) to replace current 2.6 V6 engine
  S4   01/97   30 valve 2.7 V6 turbo (265HP)

  A6   end 95  20 valve 1.8 (125HP) to replace current 2.0 (115HP) engine
  A6   96      30 valve 2.8 V6 (193HP) to replace current 2.8 V6 engine
  A6   97      new model, with all A4 engines (1.8, 2.4 and 2.8)
  S6   97      (maybe) new model, with 30 valve 2.7 V6 turbo (265HP) (no 
               mention of the 4.2 V8 currently on the S6)

  A8   mid 96  30 valve 2.8 V6 (193HP) to replace current 2.8 V6 engine

The 5 cylinder diesel engines would disappear in 1997, as follows:

       97      16 valve 1.9 (115HP) to replace current 2.5 5 cylinder
       97      24 valve 2.5 V6 (150HP) to replace current 2.5 TDI (140HP)

To be complete, Audi is also working on the automatic transmission: after
going to a 5 speed automatic on the A8 at the end of 96, it will introduce a
CVT design on the new A6 in 1997, that it will then use on all models from
100 to 200HP.

At 22:42 7/24/95 +0700, Benjawan Kuecharoenwong wrote:
>	How long will audi make turbocharged 20v. five ?
>It competitors seems to have better engine in the future,the next
>saab 9000 will use V6 twin turbo 275 hp. ,Alfa Romeo 166 Q4
>also use V6 turbo. I don't think Audi's five can compete with
>these bigger *turbo* engines. If we can mod. 20V. five to around
>HP. ,why can't they mod their V6 to 400 HP.
>	And no five cylinder model anymore in A4 range.
Frederic Gittler

'94 Audi S4 Quattro
'91 Toyota Previa LE All Trac
'86 Volkswagen Quantum Syncro