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Re: Are tours given at the factory in Germany?

>   Also, we would like to drive on the autobahn. Are there places that 
> rent high performance cars? I would love to drive a Lotus, and maybe an 
> Audi convertable. What are the rates per day? What about a min. age 
> requirement? (I'll be 24 - ages of group will range from 19-24)

When I went over there a few years ago, me and a friend rented a brand 
new (64 km on the odo) Porsche 911 C2 at Budget rent-a-car at the Kolon 
airport.  As I recall, there was no minimum age, but they did want two 
major credit cards, each with an available balance of like two thousand 
dollars US.  It cost around $300 for the day, plus I think it was like 
around a buck a mile, so it ain't cheap, but *DEFINATELY* worth it.  

If you're going to be in the North end of Germany, you *HAVE* to take the
car to the Nurburgring and run a couple of laps, or we'll never forgive
you.  This is the most incredible (and also the easiest to get on) track
that I've ever experienced.  Literally, all you do is drive right up to the
track entrance, pay some fully cool, decently fat old dude (the same guy
that's in the current Porsche turbo C4 comercial) 5 bucks, and go take a
lap on the beutiful and scenic 14 mile course.  You don't need a helmet, a
safety inspection, or even proof of insurance - you just pays yo' money
and takes yo' lap.  In a C2, you can get up to 160mph on the back

Here's hoping I've talked you into going up there - good luck, and by all 
means, have fun!

                                                         Dan Bocek