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Re: Help: Hydraulic Fluid Leak

     Just got my 100 back from the shop after the fluid let loose from the 
     rack all in one day.  Mine was a hose/O-ring problem which was 
     replaced ($86 for the part).  
     Heres the "ah-duh" obligitories: don't drive with the canister empty 
     and the pump going (goodbye pump), and don't put "hydraulic fluid" in 
     there - use only G002000 or say by-by to seals.
     Tom Higgins
     '90 100
     Fun tip of the day: the next time the kids are in the car tell 'em to 
     inflate the ski bag by blowing into the drain on the end!

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Subject: Help: Hydraulic Fluid Leak
Author:  "KEN" <kkaregeannes@hayes.com> at INTERNET
Date:    7/19/95 3:11 PM

My 5k has developed a hydraulic fluid leak. I top up the canister and it falls 
below the MIN mark within 6 weeks. There are small drops of fluid under the 
car below the firewall, but I can't see any leaks around the hose connections. 
Where should I look? How can I test for leaks?  The car has approx 105k miles 
on it.
Thanks in advance for any advice.