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Re: Are tours given at the factory in Germany?

Hi Steve,
I don't know if Audi gives tours of the factory. But there is a company
called AutoXclusiv that advertises in the Robb Report, and other auto rags.
They do rent out high performance cars. But they were very expensive and out
of the question for us. Also if you are a Porsche nut. Go to the Ruf factory
in Pfaffenhausen (?). Myself and two friends stopped by the Ruf factory and
Alois Ruf spent 2 1/2 hours with us on a personal tour (where at times we
were accused of being worse than the press in terms of video and still
photos). I might also suggest that you time your trip to coincide with the
Frankfurt car show, which is just phenominal in the quantity of autos and
related paraphenalia. I think that it is probably the largest (or one of the
largest) auto shows in the world. It encompassed approximately 16 4 to 5
story buildings and was just mineboggling in the shear volume of autos. I
think it happens again this September.
By the way, Audi was well represented at the show with alot of really cool
aftermarket products.
Chuck Leiter