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K&N Filtercharger for 20v Motor

I installed the K&N Filtercharger from Schaumburg Motorsport (708) 843-9975, as 
an attempt to gain some realtively low $$$ improvement on the 20v motor in my 
Coupe Q.  

Installation required the completer removal of the airbox and preheater hose, 
installation of 3 brackets to stock airbox mounting points and to a cone-shaped 
K&N Filter. The brackets fit with no adjustment. The fourth bracket required 
alot of twiddling.  It's used to support the idle-stabilizer valve.

The sound the car makes under full throttle now can be summed up with one word, 
LOUD.  My car sounds like an audi...until I really step on the gas.  Then it 
sounds as if there were 4 weber carbs under the hood. Verrry un-audi.

I didn't spend any time doing any before/after measurements in terms of HP or 
acceleration, but the car feels faster from 3000-5000 rpm. 

Idle is not rock-steady when cold, I don't know whether this is due to my 
tempermental idle stabilizer valve, the removal of the preheater to the exhaust, 
or both.  I'm going to call Schaumburg and ask...

At least for now, I'm enjoying the "boy racer" sound...

The ususal disclaimers apply..I have no affiliation with Schaumburg

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro with filtercharger

Cleaning the new K&N will be a breeze!!!