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Re: Re Proposal for Improving our Active Club

> >     If the traffic is too great, maybe the group should be split into two 
> >     more defined groups.  It seems to me there are folks here who want to 
> >     discuss:
> >     
> >     1: Racing, etc., and the esoterics of improving Audis for that 
> >     purpose, and:
> >     
> >     2: The rest of us slobs who need help (and $) fixing our "regular" 
> >     Audis.
> >     
> >     Just a suggestion :)
> Yes, but some of us, me included, are interested in both aspects.  I suppose
> that if your suggestion were implemented I could subscribe to both lists,
> but...  :-)  I put lotsa miles on my regular daily driver (but somewhat
> modified --> ~300 hp) Audi and t'would appear that I ain't smart enuf to
> figger it out all by myself.  Duh.  :-)  The <delete> button is close at hand.

This really isn't a problem to discuss.  (And here I am discussing 

If folks have a problem with racing mail, put a filter on it.  If we 
can agree on standardized subject header ("RACE:" or "AUTO- X:") for 
example, then this shouldn't be a problem. 

Me thinks that I've had enough of the newsgroup/mailing list 
subdividing rampage that many seem to be on!  <grin>

- Mike White 

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