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Re Sensored help...



1. My '83 TQC blue dash board water temp light comes on when I first start it
up, then fades away to completely off, very slowly about 1 minute worth...
 Is this an indication of a bad sensor?  If so, is it the one at the back of
the head or the inline one underneath the overflow tank?  It just started to
do this and I would like to nip this one in the bud.  There are no leaks, and
water level is perfect.

Our trusty '86 5000CStq was given a pre-run (for our big west to east coast
move in two weeks) trip this weekend.  My wife and I drove down to visit my
grandmother in San Clemente, So. Cal from Lake Tahoe this last weekend for a
8hr32 min. driving time, one way.  The 5000CStq is a great barn stormer on
the highway, 80mph plus and 100 degrees outside, the whole way down, all
8hrs. But, when it is reeallly hot outside, I would like to know what the
engine is doing, hence question #2...

2. The 5000CStq water temp gauge doesn't work...  is this another sensor
problem?  Sometimes it worked, about 1/16 of the time it stayed on only a 1/4
of the way up on the gauge....? Most of the run it ceased to function at all.

3. Is there any spare parts that we should carry for the 3000mi jaunt with us
for our '86 5000CStq?  Of course, I have the usual spare plastic heater water
valve that always blows... but is there anything else that we should stock up
on...?  I am installing new; K&N, Bosch WR7DC plugs, wastegate washer for
small hill help, and a test pipe.  

Please respond with suggestions, so I can have time to pick parts up before
we leave in two weeks. 
Thompson Smith <thompers@aol.com>
Art Director/Audi Quattro Club, USA
1983 Urquattro #568
1986 5000CStq