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Re: dead radiator fan in Coupe Quattro

> Thanks for the enlightening response.  

You're quite welcome!
> Could you recommend a good crimping tool?  I don't think that this will be my 
> last rewiring job.

I think I got mine from Radio Shaft ... keep in mind that there are different 
crimp styles.  I actually have two crimpers, on is designed to bend fingers back 
on a lug so that they actually go into the bundle of stranded wires, while the 
other simply mashes the lug.
> Do you know of an easy way of identifying wire gauge???
The cheap and dirty technique is to find out what size hole the stripped wire 
fits through on the stripper (my lug crimper has a built in wire cutter/stripper).  
Another possibility is to look at the wiring diagram in the Bentley ... they indi-
cate gauge as well as color.  

My apologies for posting this to the entire list, when I attempted to reply the 
mail bounced immediately.  

Steve Buchholz