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Pro Rally, Rumford

Well, I went to Rumford this pas weekend with the intention of being a 
steward, but I wound up being a co-driver!!!!!! All I can say is holy 
sh*t. Was the best thing in the world. I was a co driver for Chris 
sanbourn, the #60 TQC. What a talented driver, very impressive.
We wound up DNF due to an acciednt in stage 6. The tulip was sucky. Went 
over a bridge, (triple digits) went airborn, and hit hard. That wasnt the 
problem, but when we landed a rock the size of the gas fule cell cam 
honking up through the floor boards between my legs. Got spraed with dirt 
sand...mud. Was pretty cool, but the oil leak from the engine was blowing 
smoke into the cabin pretty much making me sick, so we retired at the end 
of the transit. We were 2nd in times in the first 6 stages, not too bad!
Was really exciting watching the real men of racing go at it. Tom 
Grischom (sp?) signed me off on friday nite!! John Buffum bought me a 
drink.  Saturday had our dinner break at 4..i had lunch with Bruno 
Kreibich and Frank Sprongl. My friend Chris who I went with borrowed a 
helmet from carl merril... you know the one with the 450hp cosworth 
escort with 7 speeds?

All in all had an amazing experience which I hope to duplicate again REAL 
soon..if my wife lets me...! :)


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