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Re: 5k Alternator (Was 5k Battery)

On Aug 2,  9:46am, KEN wrote:

> My guess is the alternator is not up to the task anymore and needs a rebuild
> or to be replaced.

	Sounds a lot like the problem I had on my '85 5KT two weeks ago.
	Since you have the alternator out, take the voltage regulator out
	(two screws) and look at the brushes.  Chances are they're
	pretty worn: alternator checks out OK on the bench but dies
	in the car.  You should be able to get replacement brushes for
	about $3.00 at any import parts store (let me know if you cannot).
	You'll need a soldering iron to replace them, and it takes about
	10 minutes.

	Good luck!


Arun Rao
1001 W. Cutting Blvd.
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804