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Do You Drive a 1990 200T?

IF you drive a 1990 200T with any transmission problem, I'd like to 
hear from you!

The reason - as I have posted recently, my 1990 200T has developed a 
problem with the automatic transmission - when it's hot, reverse won't 
engage...not even after idling for 30+ seconds.  (It does engage when 
cold, but often takes a couple of seconds even then...)  I only have 
63K on this car, which, IMO, is ridiculously low mileage to develop a 
problem like this.

Today, I got an email from a SECOND person on this group with a 1990 
200T, and he has the same, identical problem!   Hmmmm!

So - - we're starting to wonder if there's something manufacturing-
related here, and whether we might be able to generate some leverage 
with Audi to get help on the repair.

PLEASE respond if your car matches our model year and has any 
possibly related problem.  Thanks!!

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