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Re: Do You Drive a 1990 200T?

>IF you drive a 1990 200T with any transmission problem, I'd like to 
>hear from you!

>Today, I got an email from a SECOND person on this group with a 1990 
>200T, and he has the same, identical problem!   Hmmmm!
>So - - we're starting to wonder if there's something manufacturing-
>related here, and whether we might be able to generate some leverage 
>with Audi to get help on the repair.

Here's the scoop from my mechanic - when I was looking for a new car
he told me to stay away from the 3 speed auto in the 200T - it was never 
designed for this application but was evolved from much lighter
and lower hp 80s and some elements inside predate the 80 / 4000 line
altogether.  Audi tried a little whitewash by putting out a recall package 
to replace the hypoid gear oil with a synthetic version - apparently
they claimed it was evaporating - in truth I heard it was mixing with the auto 
trans fluid via a bad seal and trashing everything inside - the synthetic didn't
help the seal but stopped/slowed the destruction.

>PLEASE respond if your car matches our model year and has any 
>possibly related problem.  Thanks!!
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WHAT! hey I have to dial 9, and I am no bureaucrat - in truth
I (try to) break any regulation that gets in my way - no upper 
management slot waiting for me here, unless they want to stop
the bureaucracy and make some real progress.  Hmmmph.

jim h