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Re: Radio

Andrew Duane sent:

The Audi's have DIN mounts, and good wiring harnesses, so most aftermarket
radios install quite easily. The only thing I needed was an impedance
matcher for the powered rear speakers.

The new player sounds 200% better than any stock stereo I've ever had.
I never keep stock for long.

A note: I think the car referred to was an '86, so it probably has a 
standard stereo, in which case I agree with Andrew - EASY job.  But 
if it has a Bose system, it becomes more of a project.  (Crutchfield 
will tell you the Bose is a dedicated system and that if you change 
the radio, you need to change speakers, as well.  Hmmmph....) I 
believe I've seen a note - might even have it archived - about a 
supplier for a wiring harness to adapt a conventional stereo to a 
Bose system, which uses a special speaker setup.  Frankly, I think a 
smart and careful owner could sort out all the wires and make an 
adaptation, but it would probably require more than one amp and 
crossover to make it sound right.

If you want the info on the adapter, email back and I'll post to the 

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