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Re: 924 info

> Don't know if the motors are the same.  924 blocks were used in the AMC
> Gremlin, not sure about the head.  Anyway, don't do it.  These cars are money
> pits.   If you're masochistic, I have a cross-reference list somewhere for
> parts interchangeability for the 924/Gremlin/VW/Audi.
> If you want an entry-level Porsche, you can pick up an '83-'85 944 for
> about $3000.  You get much better handling than a 924,143HP and IMHO the
> body is nice to stuff large tires into.
> I just missed an '86 (updated interior, 156hp and alum susp. bits) for $4500.

Actually, the only reason I was interested in this whole thread is because I
could have the car for practically nothing.  The thing has been sitting in his
basement (in front of the completely disassembled 1940 something Jaguar) for
about three years, tags expired about two years ago, two flat tires, cat tracks
all over the dust on it.  But the car is in damn near perfect shape!  He just
lost interest in the thing (bought it for nothing, fixed up the interior and
exterior, then couldn't drive it.)  If I could get it and fix the engine and
sell it for a thou or two, it would definately be worth my while :-)  Money
pits?  I drive an AUDI, what could possibly be WORSE???

87 5000CS TQ
84 5000S (2,000 miles away and a mile high)