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Re: UPDATE: 80Q acceleration problem

 I saw a big puff of white exhaust smoke
> billow around the car behind me.  Lo and behold, the car accelerated
> beautifully (well, as beautifully as a stock 80Q can!)  It feels worlds better
> now.  This morning, it felt even better.  
> Wow!  A self-repairing Audi!  Now if it would only fix the problems with the
> trip computer, guages, etc.
> Again, thanks for all your help, support and encouragement.  What a great
> bunch!
> Regards,
> Claudia Conrad

Claudia: have you been putting your hand on the radio and mailing in 
money again?  If so, keep it up, 'coz it seems to be working!!  ;-))
(Or, then, maybe that really WAS your cat. converter saying 

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