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Re: Adjustable height quattro

> Dream on.

  Oh I do.. Think about this : You see the lowriders and mini trucks with the 
hydraulic suspension to make them bounce and three wheel and whatnot, so, I 
should get a beefed up alternator, and then I should throw some extra 
batteries in the trunk, and put the hydraulics on my suspension - ! Not only 
will it adjust for snow and rough roads, I can roll around on 2 wheels, and 
bounce my car up and down, oh man!

  Seriously though, I have seen some cars on TV that, in hard cornering 
situations, will jack up one side of the car ( amount depends on how hard 
you're cornering ) so you get increased handling. Sounded REALLY cool, but 
REALLY expensive. Something to consider though. 

Jimi Hendrix
  (oh wait i meant brooks)        bellis@ensr.com