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Plus One Upgrades on '95 90SQ

I am considering dumping my "wonderful" Eagle GA's (195/65-15) for either a better 
tire on the stock wheels (205/60-15), or going to the plus one 205/55-16.

Opinions would be appreciated on the pro's and cons of each approach. (do I have 
the sizes right??)  Would the plus one have excessive negative affects on ride 
quality or other suspension related woes, i.e. bushings, wheel bearings, etc.  The 
suspension on my '95 90 Quattro Sport is currently stock.  If I were to go with 
the plus one setup, I would probably go back to the GA's for the winter months.  
You never know with these crazy New England winters here...

Obviously there is a BIG cost difference here as well, so I would be interested in 
hearing about experiences in plus one handling benefits.  With all of the myriad 
of good tires around, are there ones to avoid? (like Eagle GA's, etc.)

Thanks in advance for the info.

'95 90SQ
(My first Audi, but certainly not my last...)