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Re: Re[2]: Plus One Upgrades on '95 90SQ

On Mon, 7 Aug 1995 higginst@nimo.com wrote:

> Date: Mon, 07 Aug 95 11:47:31 est
> From: higginst@nimo.com
> To: Vikram Mittal <quattro@vulcan.gep.ge.com>
> Subject: Re[2]: Plus One Upgrades on '95 90SQ
>      Hi Vikram! You said:
>      "I have 205/60 HR15's on my 1990 Audi 100. I think that the handling 
>      has become quite hard as a result (IMHO). However, I am running 
>      Pirelli P6's which are of course not the most fantastic tires, so I'm 
>      not sure if that makes a difference.
>      Regards,
>      Vikram."
>      I also have a 90 100 and am in need of new tires. I currently have 
>      195/60 HR15 P6's on the back and 205/60 HR15 Goodyear GT+4's on the 
>      front, all down to the TWI's, so I am shopping around.  I was 
>      considering 205/60 HR15 P6's all the way around, but am concerned 
>      about what your experiences have been ("handling has become quite 
>      hard").  Could you elaporate? Have you experience with any other 
>      tires, (Dunlop D60's for instance?). Do you do any driving in snow? I 
>      am in need of a good handling tire, in dry, wet and snow, and not 
>      particularly interested in high performance.

  I would NOT recommend P6's. They handle fairly well on the dry, but in the
  wet, the handling is absolutely terrible. My Honda Accord shod with cheapo
  tires does a *much* better job. I am looking at the D60 A2 (not the more
  expensive D40 M2) as a replacement. Cost is a factor in this. Tire rack
  has the P6's at $68 and the D60 at > $60 - my friend has found them to be
  good on his Integra, so I assume they will handle well on the Audi 
  (Audiphiles - comments ??).

  Hope this helps ?

>      TIA for any assistance you could give me! BTW, how do you like your 90 
>      100? 

  With Audi used car prices, it's a superb deal in the price range. Wished
 I had spent more and got the newer V6's though. More power never hurts.

>      Tom Higgins 
>      Higginst@nimo.com