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Re: Re[2]: Plus One Upgrades on '95 90SQ


>  I would NOT recommend P6's. They handle fairly well on the dry, but in the
>  wet, the handling is absolutely terrible. 

I second that!  P6's can make your life downright "interesting" on
a wet road... you might even end up with wet pants if they break
lose!  ;-)  I have P6's on my Merkur XR4ti, and I wouldn't buy
them again.  The sidewall is a little too soft for me, and the wet
handling leaves much to be desired.


Darin Nederhoff

'93 S4
'87 4kCSQ (was for sale, but we decided to keep 'er ;-)
'86 Merkur XR4ti (with slippery sixes  ;-)