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I have the same comments for my 86 Coupe GT.  It's been most reliable but
the dash is a real hastle.  I have not changed the bulbs yet.  There seems
to be a mechanical intermittent problem with my dash.  For months the
technometer didn't work.  Then one day I hit a bump and since then, it works.  

Recently all three lights have been going on and off.  Here's my short-term
fix. I use my fist and bang on the top and side of the dash.  I've had no
problem for the last 2 weeks!  glenn

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>Date: Fri, 04 Aug 1995 11:08:26 EDT
>From: TGVH67A@prodigy.com (MR ANGELO A ALEXOPOULOS)
>To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
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>To all,
>Over the past ten years my 86 Coupe GT has been the paragon of 
>reliability, except for one area. Yes it is the Digital Dash. This 
>morning it started up fine and then the individual section of mph and 
>the numbers on the clock will start to blink as though they are 
>waiting for the command to be changed and will not stop blinking. I 
>still also have a problem of the lights going out, and I have changed 
>the bulbs several times. The rest of the electrical system is fine, 
>but since the beginning this has always been a problem. Anyone have 
>an insight as to what this might be. 
>                                             Angelo