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I went to Carlsen Audi down at Palo Alto

Hey guys,

I was down at Milpitas to visit my sister, then I realised Carlsen
Audi was only 30 mins away. Well I needed a set of front brake pads
for my 5000s anyway so I went up there, I was kind of disappointed
because Linda wasn't there, she was on vacation for that week, I 
only had a week down in California. Anyway another guy know about 
our group and said he'd gave me the same discount. Anyway
what's the name of the guy who is also suppose to give us the same
discount like Linda? 

It was kind of interesting as I pulled up to the parts department
which is next to the service department, I noticed there were
at least a couple of S4 sitting by the service department waiting
for service and also a few 100CS quattro wagon. The interesting
thing was I didn't see a lot of Audi on the freeway(I drove 1,380
miles in a week, up and down Menlo Park and Milpitas at least 2-3
times a day) I also went to Santa Cruz and Sacramanto, most Audis I've
seen were pre 92s'. The price of used Audi are actually surprisingly 
cheap, the San Jose Mercury News had two 92' 100CS forsale, both
has around 30,000 miles and the asking price were around $15,000.
I have never seen a 92' 100/S/CS cheaper than $18,000 in Seattle.

I also went to check out New Dimensions since my sister has a
VW Jetta. It's also a fairly interesting shop, it's kind of small 
but they seem to have a lot performance oriented part for sale. It
was smaller than I expected. 

By the way does anyone in this group knows any reliable VW/Audi
shops/mechanics/dealer service departments down by Mipiltas and 
Fremount area. My sister just moved down there and I am trying to
find her a good place to service her VW Jetta. I notice there's a
VW dealer up in Fremount actually it's called Fremount Ford/Mazda/
Volkswagon, seems like their service department open until 8ish
but are they any good or not? I have tried posting in the rec.autos.vw
newgroup with no luck. 

Anthony Chan
Seattle University
Information Services
Adminstrative Systems