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FW: news group??

From: LeDuc, Eugene A.
To: quattro-list
Subject: news group??
Date: Monday, August 07, 1995 8:58AM

I'm new to this mail list and I would like to know if there is a usenet news 
group I can log onto to get these posts?
Also I have a Audi 5000s with 90,000mi  I'm new to the world of Audi's but 
the one I have has a lot of bells and whistles.  I have already had to 
repair the radiator, it leaked around the hose and overflow fitting located 
near the top of the radiator.  The dealer repaired it with some kind of 
sealer that turned into "jelly" after about 6 weeks.  I used an epoxy called 
PC-7 I hope it stands up to the heat and Glycol.
The car has two basic problems left to contend with:
    1.  The car shudders and shakes (brakes?) very infrequently. It happens 
when the car has been on a long trip and starts when the brakes are applied 
and continues for a while even after release.
    2.  there is a great engine noise on take off, it sounds like noisy 
lifters. This question was originally posted on a VW user group and answered 
by Barry who told me about this list.  Barry gave some good pointers.  It 
may be the A/C compressor.  But it seems to quiet down after a while.
Lastly, where can I get a Repair Manual?