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4000 wheels on a 5000?

I'm still working on my DSP/ITE '85 4000 and doubt that it will be ready for
the local autocross series that starts next month.  As such, I will probably
have to drive my '87 5000S for at least a few events.  Fortunately, both run
in the same class, so there won't be any problem switching cars mid-series.

However, instead of competing in the "daily driver" class and running on my
normal street tires, I'm thinking seriously about ordering up a set of race
tires and mounting them on a spare set of rims.  Because this would be only
a temporary measure until the 4000 is running and it's unlikely I will wear
out a full set in just a few events, I'd like to order the same size I plan
to use on the 4000 -- namely 225/45-15 Hoosiers -- so I can use them on it.

The problem is that the only set of rims I have that will fit the 4x108 bolt
pattern are the OEM 6x14 wheels ... all the other sets of rims I have around
(7x15 Ronals, 8.5x15 Revolutions, 7.5x15 Compomotives) use the 4000's 4x100
bolt pattern.  Assuming the center bores are the same size (and I think they
are), I'd like to drill-and-tap my 5000 hubs and rotors so I can run rims of
either bolt pattern by using the correct set of holes...

Does anybody have a set of hubs they want to sell?  I don't want to have the
car apart for the week or so my machinist will need to do the job and I have
not found a salvage yard that will sell me just these parts alone.  New ones
are prohibitively expense (it would be cheaper to buy a set of used wheels!)
so that's out, too.  BTW, if you have a set of 7x15 or 7.5x15 wheels using a
4x108 bolt pattern that you're looking to sell real cheaply, let me know...

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