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'90 80 Last Question...

Trying to do the timing belt on the '90 80.  The car is now in pieces in my
garage, and I'm clueless on how to get it running.  The first question is, what
size is the motor?  I thought it was a 1.8, but when I went to buy the belts
for it yesterday the computers said it was a 2.0.  Anyhow, the only Bentley I
could get my hands on (thanks again Cello) is for the '84-87 4000's.  The
motors look very similar, except for some minor differences (that are
preventing me getting the thing back together.)  First off, the Bentley shows
the timing mark on the flywheel to be a round dot, same as I have on both of my
5000's.  Well, the 80 has TWO round dots, and one line.  Also, the Bentley for
the 4000's shows an arrow that you are supposed to line the round dot up with.
 Well, the 80 has no arrow, but the "eyehole" where you look at the flywheel is
half covered by a piece of metal below the oval eyehole.  So I'm clueless here.
 I'm guessing that what you are supposed to do is match up the line on the
flywheel with the leading edge of the piece of metal in the eyehole.  Also, the
Bentley shows you how to line up the distributor rotor, and shows a diagram of
the distributor, complete with vaccuum advance and everything.  Well, the 80
has electronic advance, so the distributor has a completely different look, so
I don't know how to line that sucker up.  Bentley says there is a mark on the
distributor housing on the 4000's.  I found a mark (a few actually, but one I
think is valid) that is a ridge in the top of the housing, and there is a
cutout in the plastic shield under the rotor that the ridge fits through.  I'm
assuming that this is the timing mark, but not really sure.  Lastly, there's
the matter of lining up the camshaft.  Bentley shows to line up a dot on the
rear of the camshaft sprocket with the leading edge of the rear timing cover on
the 4000's.  Dandy, that's the same as both my 5000's, looks like the 80 has
the dot also, but God knows if that's right or not, 'cuz there's an arrow on
the top of the rear plastic timing cover that says "O.T" (if memory serves) and
looks like it could like up with a dot on the front of the camshaft sprocket.
 There are too many differences between the 80 and the 4000 for the Bentley I
have to be able to help me, and I don't want to trial and error myself into
buying new valves or a cylinder head.  Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!