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Audi Transmission - the end story

For those of you who have followed this at all, here's the decision 
I've made on the transmission problems in my 1990 200T.

Having gone endless rounds with the dealer, with Audi, and checking 
all options, we are having our transmission rebuilt here in Bryan, 
TX by a gent who everyone in town says is the BEST for miles around.  
It's forecast to cost about $1500.

Here's the story: the parts which normally fail (the mechanic at the 
Audi dealer in Auston, TX has done *30* of these, all the same part 
failure...) are the hydraulic pump and the 1st/reverse shell (Audi's 
terms).  The Bentley manual shows these in section 38, I believe.  
The pump has a 6" or so extension which sticks forward into the 
shell's inner area, and has some seals which look very much like 
piston rings.  If the seal fails, reverse goes first.  Usually, the 
problem is less acute at start-up when the oil is still cold.

I am personally convinced that the auto trans. in the 5000/100/200 
series is not strong enough for the service it's called to do.  The 
Audi mechanic says he's almost never had to do a repair on an 80 or 
90, just the 100-200 (bigger) cars.  However, Audi says I'm out of 
luck at 5 years and 63K miles.  Fine.....

The hydraulic pump and 1st/reverse shell are about $600 retail EACH, 
and other small parts make the rebuild at full retail prohibitive.  
The cost of these items is beyond obscene and I cannot justify Audi 
charging these prices...so I won't buy retail.  So, buy another 
tranny, right?  Here's a neat trick - Audi will NOT sell you a 
transmission and torque converter without also selling  you a 
transaxle!!!!!!  They'll sell a transaxle w/o tranny and converter, 
but not vice versa.  The whole enchilada is about a $3000 hit at full 

So the only economic alternatives are to install a used/rebuilt  
tranny and torque converter, or to have them rebuild done locally.  
I'm going to have it done here, as the $1500 figure seems the least 
expensive way out, and the guy who will do the work is supposed to be 
very, very good - even if he is a prima donna who will only do it 
"his way".  I have found a used trans/torque converter/transaxle 
assembly, but it would cost the same as the rebuild - and no warranty 
comparable to what I'll get from the local shop.  So I''ll toss the 
dice and go with him.

Man, when you buys an Audi, yo' shore pays yo' money and takes yo' 

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