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Re: a4

In a message dated 95-08-09 20:21:35 EDT, Bob.Damato@snetlink.com (Bob
D'Amato) writes:

>Im really bummed. I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the A4 18.Turbo 
>20V (1996 I beleive), but then I read a review on this car in last months 
>(?) Classic and sports car... and it got blasted...under powered, lousy 
>suspension, mediocre handling... Is this true?  I was thinking of trading 
>in my 20V, but...!

Denver is the high altitude test ground for Audi of North America. There was
an A-4 Turbo here two weeks ago. I went for a ride with one of the Audi techs
up Floyd hill (steep grade outside of Denver that rises from 5000 to 7000
 feet) and it seemed to handle it quite well. (The tech said it was
developing 170hp) I was told that the A-4 turbo version will not be available
in the States untill 1997 and until then you will have to settle for the V-6.

Peter Coulter