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Re: I've got a 4-door Audi Coupe GT

John Eickerman writes:

>The car that I drive everyday is a 4-door 4000CSq, contrary to what
>Bentley/FAQ has to say.  VIN# WAUFB0851HA001455

Don't worry.  The '87 4000csq I had had the same series, same manufacturing
plant, same everything except the last 5 digits (whew--at least someone on
this list didn't yet get my old car).  I wondered about this too, but I
purchased the vehicle new from a dealer

My guess is if everyone on this list with an '87 4000 csq went and checked
their VIN, they'll find model '85' in their's too.  This might also apply to
other year 4000 q models.  Near as I can next guess, Audi started with only
two model designations for the B series cars, 81 for the 4000, and 85 for the
coupe.  since the quattro drivetrain originally came out in the coupe body,
they may have carried that over to all subsequent quattros.

Yes, registration screwups happen--for all the years I owned my '87, I owned
a "SUDI" and Washington DOL never figured out that there was no such
manufacturer. Why couldn't they have registered it as a 4000 instead of a
4000csq?  (they tax us here on value, too bad its a schedule from original
sticker, and not market value)

Linus Toy