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Re: Help:80 Audi 1000 cyl won't restart hot


Just put in my IA Stage I computer.  Wheeeee!  Car goes like hell after 3000
rpm, Ned says new turbo to get rid of lag.  Anyone have any advice on this?

Dave Toppin

PS are my brakes sposed to smoke like that?!?

See you at Lime Rock!

t 07:16 AM 8/10/95 -0700, Robert Shain wrote:
>I have had the injectors cleaned, replaced the air filter, replaced the 
>fuel filter, and based on HBL's computer diagnostic, replaced the fuel 
>pump even tho my mechanic measured the pressure and said it was OK.  
>Still won't restart when hot.  Someone aswered back from the VW group and 
>said it might be the resistive temparature sensor in the head outlet.
>1.  Is there any way to test these in sito preferably
>2.  Are there other temperature sensors that could cause the same problem?
>3.  Is there a way to test fuel pump pressure under load that would give 
>a different answer than just putting a pressure guage on the line.  HBL 
>in the DC area charged me $100 for the diagnostic and I'm just about to 
>ask for my $'s back and\or send a nasty letter to Audi of America.
>I had alreqady ordered the fuel pump on their advice and didn't want to 
>pay the $50 restocking fee.
>- Bob