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help the listmeister out

Now's your chance to thank me for running the list...
I *could* check the archives for this...hmmm, maybe I'll add a search 
function. :)

I'm planning on going to Lime Rock to watch and spread the word about
the quattro list.  Can't show up in my GLI of course, but I didn't
want to have the clack-clack of my 90 haunting me either.
So this morning I ordered lifters from PAP ($8.50 ea, Carlsen was $10
wholesale and local dealer was $33.50 EACH.  hahahahaha)

This evening I started on the engine, and here's where I'm at:
[tools used in brackets for future reference]

- removed exhaust manifold (over the valve cover) [8mm hex]
- removed valve cover [10mm]
- removed cam 'boltdowns' (for lack of a better term) [13mm]
- removed lifters for cyl 2-5

My problem is this - I didn't think I would have to slip the timing belt
off the cam sprocket to do this, but it makes sense now that I
see it.  I can lift the cam partially out of the way, but not enough
to get to cyl1's lifters.  I'm pretty sure that the noisy ones were
cyls 4 and 5, but since I paid for them, I'd like to put all 10 in.
I removed the upper timing belt cover upper nut (6mm hex),
but there is NO WAY I can get to the lower one, I've got the skinned
knuckles to prove it.

I removed the grille hoping there was a little access hole or something,
but short of punching a hole through the radiator, I
don't see how to get to that last nut.

Any  suggestions on how to get the cover off and/or completing the repair
would be most appreciated.  Otherwise, I'll have to show up at Lime Rock
in my sister's Corolla, since my wife has the GLI now :(.

Thanks in advance,

| Dan |
Dan Simoes			          dans@ans.net
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