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Re: FW: fuel consumption

> MTBE is added only during the winter months. In New Jersey, that's between
> Nov 1 and April 30. Winter doesn't last for 6 months here but thats what the
> EPA mandates in their infinite wisdom. EPA also claims that CO emissions
> are reduced due to the MTBE. But most people find that gas mileage drops
> 15% to 20%, negating any benefits. So, 15 to 20% extra gas is burned to
> save about 10% in emissions. Plus you pay more for the MTBE gas. Make
> sense, doesn't it??
I have noticed that the signs on the pumps for Union 76 gasoline in the
San Francisco Bay area of CA state that they use MTBE year round, even 
though it was only required for a portion of the year.  I stopped buying
gas there ... except for the day I had to get the urQ smogged ;)

Steve Buchholz