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Re: fuel consumption

Hairy green toads from Mars made Doran Howitt say:

> (Andrew Duane <duane@zk3.dec.com> said:)
> > . . . my '89 100Q get about the same 10 L/Km (25 mpg) out of >our cars. We 
> both drive fairly spirited, and have been using the >A/C a lot these days.
> I'm surprised at that.  In my '89 100Q I get an average of 21 mpg on mostly 
> highway driving, or about 20 mpg using A/C.  By the way, all the official 
> ratings I've seen put it around that number.  Are you sure about the 25 mpg?

I think the "official" numbers for my car were 23/27 (?). I have been
known to get 25-26 out of it. If I'm sitting in traffic with the A/C
going full, maybe I'll get 22-23.

BTW, I use 89 octane, but that doesn't seem to affect milage, just
how well the car runs under load (A/C).


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