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Re: double guages


Thanks for the quick feedback.  It sounds as if you're onto something useful.

>Was just test diagnosing a friends 83 tcq with the abt guage pkg this
>week.....  He doubled up on the oil temp and water temp guages with a SPST
>switch to compare the two on the fly, and it worked quite well, with no
>electronic knowlege needed.....

I'm not quite sure I follow.  Did he use a SPST switch for each gauge, or
could it have been a single SPDT switch?  I assume when you say double up
you mean that the same panel gauge was used to alternately read a water
temperature and an oil temperature sender.  If I understand that part
right, did you get correct readings from either sender?


Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ