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Re: Engine temp (was: all sorts of subjects)

Thank you for your reply.  I too wrote a very long reply to Scott's piece on
my cooling conundrum, but decided a 2000 word diatribe on cooling systems
(I'm an engineer and spent two years running a cooling system test cell for a
major manufacturer) was flogging a very deceased horse.  Your more humorous
answer perhaps serves the purpose far better.
My concern is still this: When I bought the car and drove around in cool
temperatures, with few or no stop signs/traffic lights, the fan was often
running.  I have never in 25 years had a car that did this, other than
beaters that were ready to hurl their green goo all over the ground.  I
bought this car from a dealer, have no idea of its history, and am worrying
about the head. 
 Today I flushed the system, removed the hoses and inspected them, looked in
the top and bottom of the radiator (it's clean and shiny, like a recently
recored rad), and blew the radiator and AC condenser with compressed air to
clean all the dirt and bugs out of the fins.  It's running a little lower on
the guage - about 50-55% - and the needle seems more stable.  Perhaps I'm
worrying about nothing.