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Re: 5000 brake mods contemplated

> In a word the Repco's SUCK...  They may work OK on the street or in a
> auto-x (A real one, not what the Q-Club calls an Auto-x), but the moment
> you push the car the "Slagmaster" just can't handle the Thermal loads that
> your asking them to deal with.  I have a problem with any brake pad that
> you can crumble with your fingers after they get hot.

Wow ... I've used the Repcos on racetracks several times and have never had
ANY problems with them before, during or after ... of course, this was on a
2100-pound, 100hp 4k and not a 3400-pound, 350hp 5ktq!  For normal usage, I
don't think the thermal loads you speak of are a real concern and certainly
I've never experienced any such problems using them on my daily-driver 5ks.

> Cool Carbons are a excellent choice... If you don't mind cleaning your
> wheels every 3 days, and you can ignore the "Carbon Squeal".  Quite they
> ain't.

I was NOT impressed with the Cool Carbons we ran on a racing Nissan NX-2000
... in the end, we ended up using some custom pads ($500 per set) that were
truly wonderful.  I'll have to dig through my files and see if I still have
the receipt because I can't remember where we got them (I think it was from
Porterfield's but I'm not sure).  Of course, they're a LOT more costly than
the $62 I paid for my last set of Metalmasters and much dirtier as well but
you pays your money...

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