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Re: Battery drain on '87 5kS

On Sun, 13 Aug 1995, Richard Funnell wrote:

> Chris,
> >Anyways, back to the '87.  Yesterday we were using it to jump start another
> >car (no, not an Audi  :) and the thing would almost die when we turned the
> >ignition on the other car.  It didn't even have enough power to start the
> >other car.  And the night before, we hooked up a battery charger to fully
> >charge the battery, hoping that might do the trick.  Well, in the morning
> >it started right up, and we drove to work, but a few hours later I went out
> >to start it and...you guessed it - clicking noise.
> >
> Guessing, it sounds as if your alternator may not be charging.  I would
> expect a strong battery to be able to start the car even after a few hours
> of a minor battery drain.  Since it always seems to start when you jump it
> or charge the battery overnight, it doesn't sound like the starter.  You
> might also look at the battery clamps to make sure they are clean and
> getting good contact with the battery posts.  If they're not, it will start
> when you jump it because the jumper cables are usually clipped to your
> cables.  Good luck.

I would say probably not the alternator... if it almost stalls the car 
then it is putting out. (unless bad diodes and putting out AC...) I would 
check for a draw first. Takes ten minutes with a DMM at the fuse box to 
find which fuse has a load on it with key off. THen check to see whats on 
that circuit.  First check: Trunk light!!!!! 

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